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Homemade Rollo pics!
Here are some pictures made by yours truly, Kayla. Please if you would like these pictures e-mail me and i will give them to you. Please do not steal off this site. Thank you and enjoy

Here is a mix of pictures from the little vampire, attila the hun and pepsi
Here is a pictures for those of you who really LOVE Rollo!(Im sure we all do)
Here are two pictures from "The Little Vampire". Aren't they great?
Once Rollo, Twice Rollo. Thrice Rollo.
Here is a triple image! Savor every one of them!

Two sides
Here are two totally different sides of Rollo. First as Georgie and then as Rudolph! But they are both wonderful!
here is an image totally dedicated to Rudolph Sackville-Bagg!
The Wickedest
This is the coolest picture. First it gives you Rollo pictures(which you will probably savor and drool over), and secondly it gives you info on him! Very cool!
We Love Rollo!
Here is a picture for those who really like Rollo!

Go Rudolph
Here are images of Rollo JUST as Rudolph

Save the best for last
Here is the best image! In my oppinion! This is for those who really love Rollo. I know I do. So thats why this is my favorite!