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I have four new pictures of Rollo in his pepsi commercial, and two new pictures


Rollo and Jonathan in front of a blue screen. Or as I call it "The Blue Vue"

here is a pepsi commercial

ooo serious.

Here is a picture of Rudolph saving Tony

David Beckman and Rollo

I got a bigger one of this also!

Rollo and Anna Popplewell

Ya pepsi!

"have the lights gone......?" quote from Rudolph

talking with Tony


going away! noo!

pissed off

Aww, hes so cute!

Rollo as normal

looking at the comet

you see, davids on uniteds team and rollos wearing a juventus shirt on and he just wipped his can with the apponents shirt!LOL!

great pic.

they found the secret entrance


serious bat

a movie poster

tony's hand is on his shoulder


taking a breather

in the graveyard

the family

tony meets the parents

saving Tony

for good pictures go to