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These are some of my favorite Rollo pictures
I have two new pictures of Rollo today.

Here is a photo of Rollo in "The Lost Prince" in 2002. He was fifteen

Tony and Rudolph in graveyard.
This picture is of rudolph when he is explaining to his parents who Tony is.
about the commercial
The scene opens up with David Beckham being ordered off the field by the referee. As he walks towards the locker room, the commentator calls out, "Beckham doesn't look too happy." He then see's a little boy (Rollo) with a can of pepsi in his hand, he asks "Can I have a sip of that?" The boy glances at his can, then hands it over with a shy smile to the football star. Beckham take a few gulps and returns the can and says "Cheers, mate. Thanks" The boy holds his drink and calls out to him "Excuse me, can I have your shirt please?" Beckham smiles knowingly and takes off his T-shirt. The boy receives it and wipes off the mouth of the can where he had sipped it. He returns the shirt with a smile to a bewildered Beckham with, "Thanks, mate," and walks off, The dejected player, saunters inside as the commentator adds, "This is just not Beckham's day!" Super: 'Pepsi. Ask for more.'

I was looking for this picture EVERYWHERE! I really like it and I think all of you know what site its from.
This picture is a great close up! It is from
cool pic
Here is a cool flying pic from I think rotten tomatoes.
Here it is!
I have the smaller version of this picture on my photo page. Well here is the bigger one which was found on rottentomatoes.
Here is a picture from when Rookery came in and shined the "evil" cross in Rudolph's face!
Another one.
This is another bigger version found you know where.
"He is very, very cool" quote from Tony.
Here is a cool blue lighted picture of Rudolph. Its found on the site
Go Rollo!
This pic is from
AWW! How cute!
I laugh everytime I see this pic. It is from the site He is the sound director. A very good one I must say.
OOOH scary!
They found the secret passage!
Love it!
Love this pic

You should visit all the sites these are from! I think the owners would like it!