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Here are a couple pictures I really love!

This is one of my favorite images
I edited this picture so it is just him and not tony with him.
Once again he is not in costume. Although in the other picture he looks less made up but I still love this picture.
H - O - T
I've always really liked this picture! I don't know why. I have no reason i just do. I think many of you also do!
This picture was taken from the end where he was with his family. You can kind of see his brother in the backround.
This is another picture from the scene where his people are being killed (I suppose)
On the Blimp
I like the light in this picture! Its a very nice shade of blue.
I really liked this picture from the moment I saw it! Like many of the others it has a certain " Je ne sais pas quoi".

If you want good pictures check out